How To: Make homemade fuse blocks

Make homemade fuse blocks

If you have ever found yourself working on a car project at your home and ran out of fuses, this tutorial is for you. Instead of going out and paying around $30 to $40, make your very own. It's wasy and saves you time and money.

If you need instructions on how to do this they are listed below. Enjoy!

Step 1: Cut to length your 3/4 inch wood sliver to fit your applied fuse ( ANL )

Step 2: Mark & Drill 2 holes for the mouting bolts - matching the spot up with the eye.

Step 3: Use a 1/2 inch butteryfly bit to shave down the existing hole by 1/4 inch ( This allows for Flush Mounted Heads )

Step 4: Drill 2, 2 inch by 5/8 inch fine thread screws into each hole, threading will occur naturally.

Step 5: Then take 2 lug fasteners and find prefered fuse location along the 2" bolt.

Step 6: Place fuse onto post, and screw on 2 more addition lugs. ( This will affix the fuse to the post firmly & securly )

Step 7: ( At This Point, solder the terminals onto your wire ) I will be getting some soon!

Step 8: Fill the back of the fuse block with wood filler! ( This will prevent grounding out )

Step 9: Place terminals over post, and screw on 2 more additional lugs ( This will affix the terminals to the post firmly & securely )

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